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Marsha Doll is the owner and creator of Marsha Doll Models as well as her renowned NYC Model/Actor boot camp, which began in 2002. She is also nationally known for her TV shows on FOX and ABC and her models have appeared in numerous ads, films, and television shows. Marsha continues to coach future and potential models, leading them down the road to success. With Marsha's experience and fabulous personality, it's no wonder Marsha Doll Models are EXCEPTIONAL!

Fun-4-Tally-Kids is the ultimate resource for finding fun stuff to do with kids in the area.

Check out the Fun-4-Tally Kids Website For more information! Click Here



(Thanks to ALL of the wonderful kids and parents who participated in the FABULOUS event!) 

(Jessica Duncan, Owner of 'Fun-4-Tally-Kids')






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Sweet Southern Family Photos | J R Alford Greenway | Tallahassee, FL | Family Photography https://jamieboyntonphotography.com/blog/2017/12/sweet-southern-family-photos-j-r-alford-greenway-tallahassee-fl-family-photography Family photo sessions should be filled with fun, laughter, warmth, love, and plenty of smiles! This family definitely was not lacking in ANY of these areas, which made my job a little easier on this beautiful, sunny afternoon.

When setting up an on-location photo session, choosing the "right location" is an essential element to ensure ALL key technicalities will be in favor on the day of the shoot. For instance, making sure the sun is in the correct position, which to me is one of the most important factors. J R Alford Greenway in Tallahassee, FL was the PERFECT location for this family shoot, and the Boynton Family truly shined on this day! Check out some photos from their fabulous shoot below....enjoy!

Thank you so much Boynton Family, you guys and gal were AMAZING! I truly hope you enjoy your memories that we created together. Love to you all! Keep shining. 

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Congrats Jostyn!~Photographing a scholarship winner~ https://jamieboyntonphotography.com/blog/2017/12/congrats-jostyn-photographing-a-scholarship-winner In order to win a scholarship to any college or university, it takes hard work and dedication to say the least. Not only must you have a ton of drive, but you must also maintain significant focus. That's exactly what these amazing kids did from the surrounding areas of our beautiful gulf coast. Specifically the gorgeous and bright young lady Jostyn! After keeping up straight A's, playing volleyball, writing an outstanding essay, as well as other requirements, out of many other students competing, she was proudly rewarded with the prestigious Gulf State College Scholarship. 

To be chosen for this scholarship is such an honor as only 2-3 students from each surrounding county was chosen, with three from her school!! She will attend Gulf State College her Junior and Senior year of High School in Apalachicola, and once she has completed two years worth of credits, she will be automatically accepted into Florida State where I know she will go on to do AMAZING things! Your brother and I (yes my son is Jostyns brother, so she is like a daughter to me) are so very proud of you my dear and we love you to the moon and back! Congratulations! xoxo

Here is the story of her award ceremony. ENJOY... : )





2017 Gulf State College Scholarship Winners



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Senior Portraits Sneak Peak | Logan, FSU Class of 2017 https://jamieboyntonphotography.com/blog/2017/5/senior-portraits-sneak-peak-logan-fsu-class-of-2017

Logan ROCKED her senior photo session at FSU, on this bright, sunshiny day. She was so much fun to photograph, full of energy, and a witty personality! It was so hard to choose just a few photos to share for her sneak peak. With just days away from graduation, we finished her grad portraits just in time!! This girl knows, you can't graduate from Florida State University with a degree in Education without professional photographs! I wish Logan all the success in the world. Here is her sneak peak...





(Jamie Boynton Photography) Beauty by Danielle Class of 2017 Doak Campbell Stadium FSU Florida State University Grad Pictures" Senior Portrait Photographer Tallahassee Tallahassee Grad Photography Tallahassee Photography Tallahassee Senior Photography Tallahassee Senior Pictures https://jamieboyntonphotography.com/blog/2017/5/senior-portraits-sneak-peak-logan-fsu-class-of-2017 Wed, 03 May 2017 11:30:00 GMT
Jaelyn's First Formal Dance, Apalachicola, Fl | Prom Photoshoot | Tallahassee Teen Photography https://jamieboyntonphotography.com/blog/2017/4/jaelyns-first-formal-dance-apalachicola-fl-prom-photoshoot-tallahassee-teen-photography Let me first say that I have known Jaelyn since she was a one (1) year old little baby girl running around getting into everything! I instantly fell in love with her beautiful smile, and her witty and fun loving personality!

(Photo was taken when she was 2, and saved it from my facebook page, so its a very low resolution photo)

She is like a daughter to me, as she is my son’s half-sister. This girl has such a pure, bright soul, who is super intelligent and absolutely gorgeous!

When her mother asked me to come photograph her for her first formal dance, of course I was absolutely thrilled, and so was my son, because he never wants to miss an opportunity to see his sweet, beautiful sisters!

Jaelyn’s sister Jostyn will be attending her first formal next year, and I cannot wait to photograph her as I know she will be absolutely stunning as well. (The girls) as I call them, are only a year a part, and are best friends. They are the apple of their family’s eyes and truly are amazing little girls, and I know their mom and dad are sooo very proud of the young ladies they are becoming; I know I am!!

Jaelyn was stunning in her beautiful red gown, trimmed in rhinestones, and we had so much fun together as I photographed her essence of beauty that evening! I look forward to photographing her and her sister for future dances, proms, graduations, engagements, and their wedding (but not too soon I hope lol)!!


(Jamie Boynton Photography) Tallahassee Portrait Photography Apalachicola Apalachicola Formal Photography Apalachicola Prom Photography Formal Photography" Photos" Tallahassee Tallahassee Formal Photography Tallahassee Prom Photography Tallahassee Prom Photos Tallahassee Teen Photography Teen https://jamieboyntonphotography.com/blog/2017/4/jaelyns-first-formal-dance-apalachicola-fl-prom-photoshoot-tallahassee-teen-photography Tue, 18 Apr 2017 16:23:22 GMT
Family Photos in Panacea! https://jamieboyntonphotography.com/blog/2017/4/family-photos-in-panacea Wow! I had such a great experience working with the Prosser family in Panacea a few weekends ago! The warm colors of the ocean were absolutely breathtaking, however the unforeseen winds were not very friendly for a photographer or the client who wanted to wear their hair down!! So we needed think fast. Thankfully, since Panacea is a small, charming little fishing town, this family knew exactly where to go! This photo shoot spoke to exactly who this family was! They are a family who loves to be outdoors together! Here is a small taste of this collection.

My absolute favorites....FISHING THE CAST NETS WITH DAD.


This family truly inspired me in so many ways, and I am deeply honored to have had the pleasure of photographing them!

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Cecil and Leni "A Beautiful Love" https://jamieboyntonphotography.com/blog/2017/1/cecil-and-leni-a-beautiful-love When Leni called me asking if I would photograph her big day, I was absolutely thrilled! Although we have only met a couple times, I knew right away that this lovely lady was going to make an amazing partner and deserved the man of her dreams! After meeting Cecil, I just knew these two were going to be together forever! The wedding will be the best, and biggest Greek wedding I have ever seen!


But first, engagement photos.... and since the man of her dreams proposed at Litchgate, in Tallahassee, FL. there wasn't any question as to where the location should be....

These two are so connected, and their love shows in every photo...

These two are meant to be, and I am so excited to be their official photographer for their amazing wedding this upcoming weekend. Congrats you two!

xoxo, Jamie Boynton Photography

(Jamie Boynton Photography) A beautiful love Love is in the air engagement wedding https://jamieboyntonphotography.com/blog/2017/1/cecil-and-leni-a-beautiful-love Mon, 09 Jan 2017 18:48:26 GMT