Jaelyn's First Formal Dance, Apalachicola, Fl | Prom Photoshoot | Tallahassee Teen Photography

April 18, 2017  •  1 Comment

Let me first say that I have known Jaelyn since she was a one (1) year old little baby girl running around getting into everything! I instantly fell in love with her beautiful smile, and her witty and fun loving personality!

(Photo was taken when she was 2, and saved it from my facebook page, so its a very low resolution photo)

She is like a daughter to me, as she is my son’s half-sister. This girl has such a pure, bright soul, who is super intelligent and absolutely gorgeous!

When her mother asked me to come photograph her for her first formal dance, of course I was absolutely thrilled, and so was my son, because he never wants to miss an opportunity to see his sweet, beautiful sisters!

Jaelyn’s sister Jostyn will be attending her first formal next year, and I cannot wait to photograph her as I know she will be absolutely stunning as well. (The girls) as I call them, are only a year a part, and are best friends. They are the apple of their family’s eyes and truly are amazing little girls, and I know their mom and dad are sooo very proud of the young ladies they are becoming; I know I am!!

Jaelyn was stunning in her beautiful red gown, trimmed in rhinestones, and we had so much fun together as I photographed her essence of beauty that evening! I look forward to photographing her and her sister for future dances, proms, graduations, engagements, and their wedding (but not too soon I hope lol)!!



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Her hair is SO CUTE!!!
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