Congrats Jostyn!~Photographing a scholarship winner~

December 04, 2017  •  1 Comment

In order to win a scholarship to any college or university, it takes hard work and dedication to say the least. Not only must you have a ton of drive, but you must also maintain significant focus. That's exactly what these amazing kids did from the surrounding areas of our beautiful gulf coast. Specifically the gorgeous and bright young lady Jostyn! After keeping up straight A's, playing volleyball, writing an outstanding essay, as well as other requirements, out of many other students competing, she was proudly rewarded with the prestigious Gulf State College Scholarship. 

To be chosen for this scholarship is such an honor as only 2-3 students from each surrounding county was chosen, with three from her school!! She will attend Gulf State College her Junior and Senior year of High School in Apalachicola, and once she has completed two years worth of credits, she will be automatically accepted into Florida State where I know she will go on to do AMAZING things! Your brother and I (yes my son is Jostyns brother, so she is like a daughter to me) are so very proud of you my dear and we love you to the moon and back! Congratulations! xoxo

Here is the story of her award ceremony. ENJOY... : )





2017 Gulf State College Scholarship Winners




Darlene Almeda(non-registered)
Beautiful story and photos! I am proud of Jostyn and her classmates that also achieved this great success at such a young age!! "Oh the places they will go!"
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